About NCT Ventures in Columbus, Ohio
Rich Langdale, Founder of NCT Ventures

The roots of NCT Ventures go back to 1986, when Rich Langdale sold his car to invest $5,000 in a start-up business - Digital Storage - a wholesaler of computer supplies. The company grew and diversified into international markets through a series of partnerships, joint ventures and wholly owned subsidiaries

In the early 90's the team recognized the components of its traditional business - marketing and logistics - were actually more valuable when unbundled, so they began to establish new companies focused in these areas. By the mid 90's there were a total of eight start-ups that were organized under one umbrella company. At this time the Partners moved into a role as investment operators and began looking for ways to re-invest the profits from its existing ventures.

By the late 90's several of NCT’s portfolio companies were well positioned to benefit from the valuation trends in the market, and NCT began exiting many of its investments. Along the way the Partners realized there was a lot of key learning in their business practices, so over the next few years they documented these experiences, and applied some academic rigor to refine them. This documentation was named the "Ideas to Business" model, which is the core curriculum for the Tier 1 Entrepreneurship program at The Ohio State University. NCT also uses the Ideas to Business model for all of its portfolio investments.

For the last few years NCT has focused both on investing in their community and their core competencies of marketing, logistics, and disruptive platform technologies. The Partners are very excited about the current portfolio, and believe NCT’s best years are ahead.

To say that we are process-oriented and strategic would be an understatement. We have a plan and purpose behind everything we do; including philanthropy. As we have achieved success and looked for opportunities to share our success with the community, we decided to focus many of our contributions of both time and money on organizations that impact entrepreneurship. So, we identified areas of opportunity for assisting in the character development and education of young would-be entrepreneurs.

Actvities Supported in the Community

Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, The Ohio State University - Supports academic research, education and community engagement in entrepreneurship. (Founded by NCT Ventures)

HOBY - The nation's foremost youth leadership development organization - with more than 335,000 alumni.

Rev1 Ventures - Accelerates the growth of the innovation economy by providing vital resources and assistance to people and enterprises that depend on technology to achieve their business goals.

The Ohio State University

Business Builders Club - The Business Builders Club is more than a student organization. We are a group of passionate students who collaborate with the Columbus Community and organizations around the world to foster entrepreneurship. The BBC recruits, educates, and funds talented students at Ohio State.

Columbus 2020 - The economic development organization representing the 11-county Columbus Region, an area ranked as a top location for business.

Our community involvement goes beyond entrepreneurship as well through organizations that assist those less fortunate or provide much needed care for those in need.

Pack H2O - The PackH2O Water Backpack is an innovative solution to water transportation and storage that relieves physical burden and protects against contamination.

The James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute

Nationwide Children's Hospital - Provides the highest quality health care in our region, centered around the family, delivered with unsurpassed value and customer service.