About NCT Ventures in Columbus, Ohio

How We Think

How We Think

It takes one to know one.

As serial entrepreneurs ourselves, we know an idea is only as good as the person behind it. At NCT Ventures, we invest in people first, ideas second.

We like to share.

We are passionate about sharing our experiences, methods and time with great entrepreneurs. We get the most excited about early/early growth stage companies because we know our experience allows us to impact those businesses dramatically. We have built businesses from the ground up and are able to transfer those experiences through hands-on operational support.

Our interests.

Our experience is in marketing and logistics having built and exited several successful companies in that space. However, as a rule of thumb, we like any business model that disrupts traditional thinking or meets a need more efficiently through technology. Take a look at our current portfolio companies for some great examples.

Venture Highway Model.

NCT Ventures, in conjunction with The Center for Entrepreneurship at The Ohio State University, created the Ideas-To-Business Model in 2001. The model was created to provide an infrastructure for bringing an idea to market effectively through a series of well defined development phases. The model has recently been expanded and is now available to all entrepreneurs as Venture Highway. For more information, please see www.VentureHighway.com. The diagram below represents the Circle of Prosperity that the system is based upon.