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NCT Ventures Joins $4.2 Million Series A Round in Detroit-based Are You A Human, Inc.

Are You A Human Addresses Billion Dollar Opportunity by Helping Advertisers Reduce Waste Due to Bots

COLUMBUS, Ohio (June 18, 2015) – NCT Ventures, a Columbus-based venture capital investment firm, announces its recent Fund II investment in Are You A Human, Inc. Based in Detroit, Michigan, Are You A Human is the curator of The Verified Human Whitelist™, which allows brands to be certain that they are addressing verified humans before serving content, services, or ads. Are You A Human’s $4.2 million Series A round was led by Detroit Venture Partners, NCT Ventures, MDC Dream Ventures, and Foundry Group Angels.

Automated programs, called bots, account for 61% of overall Internet traffic today. Bots clutter the Internet with fake social media profiles, hack accounts, and are responsible for nearly all fraud. This past year, $43 billion was spent on digital advertising in the U.S. If bots account for 20% of ad traffic, the digital advertising industry could be wasting over $8.6 billion per year.

Are You A Human’s patented technology analyzes natural user behavior across millions of sites, collecting a plethora of authentication data. Only when a user has been consistently authenticated as a human are they added to the whitelist, and then re-authenticated continuously each day. Publishers, advertisers or service providers who integrate the Verified Human Whitelist, will know before a page loads whether or not a visitor is a pre-verified human and not a bot. To date, the Verified Human Whitelist™ has authenticated more than 200 million real people and is currently authenticating humans on more than 1.5 million e-commerce, online banking, social media, advertising businesses and online publishers, including Yahoo! and AOL.

NCT Ventures is excited to welcome this new portfolio company and looks forward to supporting the team as they scale their operations. “We’re excited about the growth potential of Are You A Human. Our investment in the company complements our existing portfolio and relationships with the world’s largest brands and media buyers,” said Rich Langdale, Managing Partner of NCT Ventures. “We see a theme in the advertising space where brands are seeking real solutions to reduce waste and improve marketing efficiency. Are You A Human is well positioned to address this huge opportunity.”

About Are You A Human

Are You A Human is the creator of the Internet’s first Verified Human Whitelist™, a people-based technology platform that allows anyone serving content, ads or services on the web to be sure they’re addressing a real human. The Verified Human Whitelist™ verifies and re-verifies interactions across millions of sites everyday to identify natural human behavior. Are You A Human has authenticated and whitelisted more than 200 million real people to-date, making the Internet a much safer, less cluttered and more profitable place to conduct business. Headquartered in Detroit, Are You A Human was founded in 2011 by Reid Tatoris and Tyler Paxton. For more information visit: http://www.areyouahuman.com/

About NCT Ventures

NCT Ventures is a venture capital firm dedicated to providing a platform for entrepreneurs to succeed in turning their ideas into profitable business models through hands-on operational support. Over the last 20 years, NCT has helped build many successful companies across a variety of industries by investing within their Midwest community and focusing disruptive platform technologies that create market efficiencies. http://www.nctventures.com/


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