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  • You should submit if:

    1. You are located in Ohio or are willing to move to Ohio (our preference)
    2. You have a clearly defined competitive advantage and growth plan.
    3. You have a focus on disruptive technologies that create efficiencies.
    4. You have a clear line of sight of annual revenue of $1 million or more.
    5. You have a business model that is predictable, scalable and profitable.
    6. You have a vision to be the best in your chosen industry.

    If your business entails all these factors, we look forward to hearing from you!

    Please complete the sections shown below to share your company's plan with NCT Ventures.

  • What product(s) and/or service(s) does your business provide?
  • What is the problem that your business addresses? What pain point does your business solve?
  • (please send LinkedIn URLs for all founders described below):
  • What is your target market? How large do you estimate this market to be?
  • Describe your management team.
  • List of 5 main customers along with the revenue percentage that each account for out of the total sales revenue.

  • How are you going to acquire and maintain customers?
  • Please state the acquisition cost and lifetime value of a customer. (How do you get paid)?
  • List them. (Yes, you have them)
  • Why can you be the best in your industry? What unique abilities do you have that position you to win? (If you don't answer this one, just don't submit)
  • How are you using technology to scale your business? Do you have any intellectual property?
  • Include potential exit partners
  • Please include revenue, expenses, number of customers, profit and loss, number of full time associates and burn rate for last year actual, YTD actual, current year projected, and the next two years projected.
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